Author: Irina V. Ivanova

About Irina V. Ivanova

I am a fashion designer, visual artist, and educator. My immediate area is fashion drawing in all its aspects (flats, stylized drawing, fashion sketches, fashion-themed editorial art and fashion design illustration). Besides fashion, my themes in art and illustration are children and pets. I create artwork in various art media, watercolor, oil on canvas, collage, and all kind of illustration techniques. I write books, consult, train and create artwork. Born and educated in the former Soviet Union, I leave and create my projects in USA Florida ( Hallandale Beach to be precise). Represented by ArtVisions Fine Art Licensing.

Sketching children’s wear fashion design project

Sketching children’s wear fashion design project with Children’s wear fashion illustration resource book by Irina V. Ivanova ( Book’s subtitle; children’s figure drawing templates with fashion design sketches

Victorian fashion as an inspiration

I started this series of illustration while was doing research on Victorian fashion. At the same moment, I was working on my set of figure drawing templates. So, I tried to merge my fashion drawing templates project with my Victorian fashion research. Here is a result: Victorian inspired fashion in modern proportions.


Inspiration: Victorian bridal dress


Inspiration: Victorian Gown


Inspiration: Victorian dress


Inspiration: Victorian bridal dress