Look inside the book: How to Draw Fashion Flats

  • How to Draw Fashion Flats
  • A practical guide to fashion technical drawing (pencil and marker techniques)
  • by irina V. Ivanova

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Chapter 1

Introduction into technical drawing

How to draw fashion flats: general rules

Chapter 2

Basic requirements for technical drawing

How to draw seams and stitches.

Chapter 3

How to draw a flat sketch of a T-shirt

T-short technical drawing: T-shirt’s collars, front and back view of a T-shirt. Crew neck and V-neck.

Chapter 4

Technical drawing for pants and trousers.

General rules for technical illustration for forn and back view pants and trousers,

Chapter 5

Technical drawing for dresses and skirts

Waistlines, silhouettes, sleeve types. Learn how to draw accurately pleats, gathers and drapery. Learn how to draw fitted garment.. Gallery of details. Common mistakes illustrated

Chapter 6

Jackets, vest and shirts

How to draw technical sketches and illustrations for jackets, vest and shirts

Chapter 7

Technical drawing for swimwear

How to draw fashion flats for bikini, and other swimwear types

Chapter 8

22 professionally designed figure templates which make your fashion technical drawing accurate and error free.

Unique collection of templates for drawing fashion flats:

  • 7 children’s figures:
    • 0-1 years old figure
    • 1-3 years old figure
    • 4-6 years old figure
    • 7-10 years old
      • girl’s figure
      • boy’s figure
    • 10-14 years
      • girl’s figur
      • boy’s figure
  • croquis for drawing swimwear
  • men’s figure for fats
  • plus size women’s figure
  • template for drawing bottoms: trousers, pants and skirts

Each croquis type presented in variations for different positions of arms.


Sketching children’s wear fashion design project

Sketching children’s wear fashion design project with Children’s wear fashion illustration resource book by Irina V. Ivanova ( Book’s subtitle; children’s figure drawing templates with fashion design sketches

Victorian fashion as an inspiration

I started this series of illustration while was doing research on Victorian fashion. At the same moment, I was working on my set of figure drawing templates. So, I tried to merge my fashion drawing templates project with my Victorian fashion research. Here is a result: Victorian inspired fashion in modern proportions.


Inspiration: Victorian bridal dress


Inspiration: Victorian Gown


Inspiration: Victorian dress


Inspiration: Victorian bridal dress